Auburn Hills Bar & Restaurant Recommendations

Makimoto Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen
2741 University Dr
Auburn Hills, MI 48236

If you are looking for some truly delicious and authentic Sushi and Asian food then you simply need to head over to Makimoto Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen on University Drive. Many poeple consider Makimoto Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen to be the place to go for a fresh, delicious Asian meal. Whether you've got a craving for some fresh and high quality sushi, or some of your favorite Japanese food, or even some Chinese or Thai meals, you'll find it here. Makimoto Sushi Bar & Asian Kitchen is one of the best and most fresh places to grab a meal in all of Auburn Hills.

Buddy's Pizza
2612 N Squirrel Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48236

The purveyors of the original Detroit style pizza, Buddy's Pizza is one of the greatest places to grab pizza in all of the Auburn Hills area. Every aspect of Buddy's Pizza is absolutely perfect in every way. The atmosphere is extremely lively and the servers are fantastically attentive and welcoming every time. One of the things we love the most about Buddy's is that they use fresh ingredients and the same, passed down recipes that have kept the Buddy's franchise alive for generations. If you are a big fan of pizza then you need to look no further than Buddy's Pizza.

Rangoli Indian Cuisine
3055 E Walton Blvd
Auburn Hills, MI 48236

Specializing in delicious, fresh, and authentic Indian cuisine, Rangoli Indian Cuisine is a unique and exceptional adventure into an Indian culinary experience for every meal. They never disappoint! They comprise chefs from all sorts of regions from all around India, providing Indian food lovers as well as people brand new to the cuisine style to the ultimate Indian cuisine experience. You will always be sure to have an amazing overall experience, without a doubt. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and warm, and overall absolutely amazing.

Lelli's Inn
885 N Opdyke Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

If you're looking to enjoy a fantastic, juicy steak or a great, authentic Italian meal then you simply need to head over to Lelli's Inn. The folks at Lelli's Inn offer a unique, authentic dining experience that is fantastic in every way possible. This is a great,versatile place for you to enjoy a delicious meal with the family or for you to go out to enjoy a nice, romantic meal with that specail someone. Lelli's Inn is one of our favorite places in all of the Auburn Hills area and after just one visit there it will be easy for you to see why.

3395 Auburn Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Sweets is a wonderful, adorable, and charming place located in the heart of Downtown Auburn Hills. This is a wonderful place to go in order to grab a cup of coffee or a fresh baked treat or pastry. The prices at Sweets are extremely reasonable, making it one of the most popular coffee and pastry shops in all of the Auburn Hills area. The decor is extremely vivid with full and bright colors all around, and the tables are painted with flowers and many other colorful patterns. The atmosphere is quiet and quaint, with relaxing music playing softly and the servers are extremely friendly and helpful all of the time.

Four Korner's
2495 Lapeer Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

If what you're looking for is a home style local diner in the Auburn Hills area to pick up a delicious breakfast or a simple yet perfectly executed lunch, then you'll find it at Four Korner's on Lapeer Road. They are accommodating and always go above and beyond to be sure that everyone feels like a local by treating everyone with a great amount of respect and familiarity. They will definitely know you by a first name basis by the time you leave. They are extremely personable, and you will definitely want to come back because of how amazing the meals are. We strongly recommend their meat skillet, but everything that they offer is out of this world. This is the perfect place to get your day started.