Avon Bar & Restaurant Recommendations

Pho 36
9655 E US Hwy 36, Ste C
Avon, MI 46123

Pho 36 is a simply awesome mom and pop run Vietnamese restaurant that many people in the Avon area love to flock to in order to grab a delicious meal. This is a great place to go whether you are brand new to Vietnamese cuisine or if you are a seasoned expert with the culinary style. The staff is always extremely friendly and knowledgeable about every aspect of the food. We strongly recommend the fried rice cakes and the chicken noodle pho. You can't leave without trying the creamed corn and tapioca dessert either! It is extremely delectable in every way.

Bangkok Kitchen Thai Restaurant
9269 E US 36 Hwy
Avon, MI 46123

If you are looking for some simply delicious, fresh Thai cuisine int he Avon area then look no further than Bangkok Kitchen Thai Restaurant. They go to great lengths to make sure that every single meal is amazing and that everyone has an overall incredible experience when they head there. They make sure of it by ensuring that each and every meal is made with the freshest possible ingredients and that you are always being treated with the utmost respect. The staff are extremely attentive and welcoming, and will make sure that you are seated right away and that you always have everything that you need in order to have the best possible experience.

9259 US Hwy 36
Avon, MI 46123

Yats is a wonderful New Orleans style restaurant that has been a staple in the area for many years now. They are extremely prideful in how well they treat their customers. This is a great place to go and hang out with friends or family and enjoy a great, delicious Cajun and Creole meal. You order at the counter from the chalkboard menu from a menu that is rotating and has a great variety of sauces and a great amount of full flavored goodness. These are dishes that will be sure to satisfy your soul and have you reflect on New Orleans' roots. Their daily menu features seven to ten dishes. They offer generous portions at extremely reasonable prices.

Mediterranean Grill
10230 E US Hwy 36
Avon, MI 46123

If you are looking for a place to grab some fresh, deliciouse Mediterranean food then you should head over to Mediterranean Grill. Located near the heart of Downtown Avon, Mediterranean Grill is a favorite amongst many in the area when it comes to chowing down on some seriously good Mediterranean food. They offer mostly Greek and Lebanese cuisine and they are a great place to enjoy a casual lunch. With authentic Hummus, Falafel, Baba Ghannoush, Taboulli, Gyros, crisp and loaded Greek Salads, Lamb Ribs, Moussaka, and much much more, you can be sure that you will find something that you love at Mediterranean Grill.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
9466 US Hwy 36 Rockville Rd
Avon, MI 46123

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is a simply amazing experience where you can enjoy made from scratch meals that utilize high quality ingredients that have been prepared fresh in their kitchen every single day, and it has been done the right way, but not necessarily the easy way. They believe that good meals should come with a little hard work and elbow grease, and they also make sure that the dining experience is absolutely amazing and provided at a fair, reasonable price. They feature items such as house smoked baby back ribs, hand battered country fried chicken, burgers made from scratch, and homemade onion rings. Everything is absolutely delicious and we can't recommend Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen highly enough.

DJ's Hot Dog Co.
10240 E Hwy 36
Avon, MI 46123

Writing a review of DJ's Hot Dog Company is extremely difficult because it's such a simple concept but the execution is so immaculate that we can barely believe it. Simply writing about it doesn't seem to do it justice -- it's something that you have to experience. They offer an incredible variety of delicious and expertly crafted hot dogs that will simply blow your mind in every way. They offer all sorts of styles, both the kinds that you are familiar with such as chili dogs and Chicago Style dogs, but they also have their very own inventions that will be sure to blow you away every single time. DJ's Hot Dog Company is definitely the place for you if you are a fan of hot dogs or just casual, simple meals that have been taken to the next level.