Bloomfield Hills Bar & Restaurant Recommendations

La Marsa
43259 Woodward Ave.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
(248) 858-5800

La Marsa is hands down the best Mediterranean restaurant in Bloomfield Hills. Home to some amazing deboned Middle-Eastern style chicken, this restaurant offers a world of flavors. If you aren't too familiar with Middle-Eastern food, be sure to try their sampler dishes. With fresh hummus and pita, a marvelous Greek salad and all sorts of meat (kabobs, lamb, and Greek chicken), their samplers are alway a safe bet for the timid. They also make a great tabouli (a Mediterranean salad) if you're looking for something a bit lighter.

The Moose Preserve Bar & Grill
43034 Woodward Ave.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
(248) 858-7688

For a great meal in a beautiful upscale bar, the Moose Preserve is your best bet. This is a gorgeous restaurant. With a mild hunter theme and totally rustic, you won't find a prettier restaurant in town. But for as beautiful as this place is, the food is the main attraction. Their venison chili is a crowd favorite, and it's at a good price too. But if you're looking for a filling meal, you can't go wrong with their buffalo ribs. With a wide game menu, a Mexican menu and tons of desserts, this restaurant offers it all.

Bill's Restaurant
39556 Woodward Ave.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
(248) 646-9000

If you're into the new American dining scene, Bill's Restaurant is the restaurant for you. Whether you're in the mood for some an omelet or even some escargot, the food at this restaurant is sure to please. The clam pasta is one of their most popular dishes. With a handful of clams and some beautiful tomato pasta, this dish is perfect for both pasta and seafood lovers. And thanks to their seafood dishes, this place is great for the later. Whether you go with the swordfish or the salmon, it's all good here. They also have some truly artful chefs, so each dish is served with a stunning presentation.

Nippon Sushi Bar
2079 S Telegraph Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
(248) 481-9581

And for Asian, Nippon Sushi bar is the town's hottest restaurant. Whether you go with their sushi or their traditional Japanese dishes, you're in for a real treat at Nippon. Their chicken teriyaki roll is a crowd favorite among meat lovers, while seafood enthusiasts can take advantage of their fresh nigiri. And if you like a good seaweed salad, now you know the place to go. From the sushi bar to the beautiful presentation, this restaurant is definitively upscale.

Brooklyn Bagel and Deli
4036 Telegraph Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
(248) 644-9400

With all these upscale restaurants in town, the Brooklyn Bagel and Deli is this city's diamond in the rough. At Brooklyn, you'll find some of the freshest bread around. Whether you go with the breakfast sandwiches or a bagel sandwich for lunch, you can't go wrong with this menu. If you're into bagels, this place is perfection. From the egg bagel to their salt sticks, Brooklyn Bagel is a bagel lover's dream. They also have a full deli, so make sure you take some lunch meat and some of their specialty cheese home if you liked your meal.

6675 Telegraph Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
(248) 858-5800

And to finish, we'll fill you in on Bloomfield Hills best Mexican joint - Mex. With a beautiful ambiance and marvelous presentations, this place fits right in with some of Bloomfield Hill's more upscale restaurants. However, the food here is the real attraction. From their dozen or so taco choices to their skillets and even their chips and salsa, you can't find better Mexican food in this city. There's also a full bar here, so make sure to order up a margarita with your meal.