Northville Bar & Restaurant Recommendations

Browndog Creamery
118 E Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 615-2955

Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or something filling, Browndog has it all. This place is without a doubt the best ice cream parlor in Northville. While their ice cream is the main attraction, their cakes are out of this world. The salted caramel bumpy cake is caramel perfection, while the carrot cake is amazing in its own right. But if you're looking for some great ice cream, be sure to try their strawberry basil if you're feeling adventurous.

Genitti's Hole-in-the-Wall
108 E Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 349-0522

Don't be fooled by then name: Genetti's is the furthest thing from a hole in the wall you could think of. In all actuality, this is one of the city's most upscale restaurants. With a beautiful brick interior, Detroit street signs and marvelous chandeliers hanging from the walls and their Italian style tablecloths, this restaurant is beautiful. And the food lives up to the task. Their pasta dishes are mouthwatering. Whether you like a great veal parmigiana or a penne pasta with a white (or red) sauce or even a great Italian style soup, Genitti's remains one of Northville's best restaurants.

Table 5
126 E Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 305-6555

Table 5 is one of Northville's hottest restaurants. With beautifully crafted presentations and completely upscale menu choices, this place is superbly high class. Whether you're into seafood, vegetarian dishes or a filling meat and pasta dish, this place is sure to please. If seafood is your thing, be sure to try the Boulvaise mussels dish, and if you're into meat and pasta, you can't go wrong with the T bone topped with grilled onions and a marvelous white cream sauce. From the ambiance to the food, this restaurant screams elegance.

Tuscan Cafe
150 N Center St.
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 305-8629

For a coffee shop, the Tuscan Cafe has some great food. If you're in the mood for as strong cup of Joe and a great sandwich, head over here the first chance you get. For sandwiches, the easy crowd favorite is their caprese sandwich with tomatoes and an awesome pesto sauce. They also have a full range of coffees - from hazelnut and Colombian to sumatran and even Michigan cherry when the season's right. With super comfy couches and a wonderful waitstaff, the atmosphere of the Tuscan Cafe makes this place the city's best coffee shop/cafe.

146 Mary Alexander Ct.
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 344-0888

And for Asian food, you can't pass up on Koji. While they specialize in sushi, you'll find all sorts of Japanese dishes here. The miso soup is out of this world, so be sure you order that for an appetizer. As far as sushi goes, their signature Koji Crunchy Roll is a crowd favorite, along with their Michigan rolls topped with salmon. They also have some of the freshest nigiri around, so make sure you order a few of those as well. For a hint: Their eel is worlds away from its competition.

Rusty Bucket Restaurant
15400 Sheldon Rd.
Northville, MI 48168
(734) 254-9699

And to end, let's take a look at the city's best new American style diner, the Rusty Bucket. Whether you're in the mood for a mean sandwich, a delicate wrap or a full steaming hot plate of shrimp, the Rusty Bucket is a worth the trip. For Italian food lovers, their chicken parmigiana is mouthwatering, while their Italian torpedo sandwich (full of sausage, salami and veggies on a baguette) is good for any hankering. There's also a full bar and tons of craft beers here, making the Rusty Bucket perfect for a night out with some great food and drinks.