While smoking is not allowed on Novi Limo buses in order to keep our vehicles smelling as fresh as they were when they were brand new, we absolutely do allow drinking on our buses as long as everyone in your party is 21+ in age. We have absolutely stunning built-in bars with coolers that we stock with ice and cups for you. All you've got to do is bring your favorite beer, wine, and/or liquor! Many of our customers enjoy being bartenders for the evening and mixing drinks for all of their friends. Others keep it simple and just stock the bar with cans or bottles of beer, so it's just a matter of cracking open a cold one and pouring it into a cup! There are also built-in cup holders in every vehicle so that you won't have to cling to your vehicle all night, trying to avoid a messy spill. It's nice to have your hands free so you can get up and dance or walk around and mingle!

We offer an extensive fleet of party buses for all tastes and group sizes, from 10 to 35 passengers. And if you require more room, we can handle it!

Novi Limo's service area is more of a general guideline of where we can take you, but it's not the be-all and end-all! For trips that are more than 50 miles outside of our general service area, we may have to charge an affordable fuel surcharge, but in most cases, we can take you where you need to go. We cannot, at this time, travel out of the state of Michigan. There are no limitations on how long your trip can be, and we're more than happy to schedule multi-day trips for you whenever you like. If you booked a certain number of hours when you called us and you decide to stay longer, you won't be charged additional fees, just the same hourly rate that you've been charged all along.

If you've got questions that we still need to provide answers here, why don't you give us a call at 248-630-5605 or send us an email? We'll give you all the information and a 100% free price quote!

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How late are you open?

24 hours per day.

Can I drink on the limos?

If you are of age, then yes!

Do you have hidden fees?

No, we never have hidden fees!

Where do you go?

We cover the state.

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