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When Novi Limo customers call us up for the very first time, the first question that they typically ask has to do with pricing. They want to know how much it will cost per hour to rent a party bus, or if it will cost them extra if they decide to keep the bus out longer than they intended to. They sometimes ask if there are days of the week that are less expensive than others or certain times of the year that might cost them more. Detroit Limo has answers to all of these questions right here on this page, and we also offer a free price quote to you as well.

The question of how much it costs to rent a Novi Limo party bus depends on many factors, including which vehicle you choose, how far you'll be traveling, and the date of your event. We do everything that we can to calculate the lowest price possible for you, given all of those factors. There's a set hourly rate that you'll be charged in fifteen-minute increments so that you never pay for more time than you really use. That rate will continue to be charged even if you go over your planned time, with no extra fees piling up. The Novi Limo staff members are happy if you're happy, and if you want to stay longer, we want you to stay and have fun! See Spokane Party Bus Prices or Boulder Limo Costs for some other options to look into.

There's definitely truth to the idea that some days of the week and times of year will cost you less than others. The weekdays, excluding Friday, are less expensive than the weekend days. Fridays and Sundays tend to be a bit cheaper than Saturdays as well. You'll also find that times of the year that coincide with holidays are more expensive, not to mention the fact that it's more difficult to book a bus at those times because of the high demand. The answer to that problem is simply to book your bus as early as possible. You only need to make a small deposit to do so.

If you decide to rent a bus from Novi Limo for your parties and events, you can speak with one of our team members to find out more about saving money with us and just how our prices stack up against other local companies. We offer free price quotes with zero obligation, and all you've got to do is call us up or send us an email with the date you'll require our services and the number of passengers you'll be expecting. It's really that simple. Why not find out how affordable it can be? Get in touch with us at 248-630-5605 or fill out the form.

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